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Everyone wants the best price on the piano of their dreams and we at Riverton Piano Company are dedicated to providing the best, most unique instruments in the Phoenix area and the lowest possible price. That's why we promise you - in writing - that you won't end up with a better price anywhere else. Guaranteed. Ask us for more details about our industry-leading low price guarantee. Shopping for a piano shouldn't be scary, stressful or frustrating. It should be a wonderful, life-long memory and we're here to make sure that it is.

Thank you for requesting a price from Riverton Piano Company. We look forward to helping you live your musical dreams!

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Request a Price

We're here to help you get the very best piano for the best possible price. Thank you for requesting a price from Riverton Piano Company. We promise to respond to you within one business day.

We are reinventing the piano shopping experience! Here are just a few of the unique tools you'll ONLY find at Riverton Piano Company:

  • FREE In-Home Consultation
  • FREE Grand Piano Template Service
  • FREE Piano Buyer's Guide
  • FREE Digital Piano / APP Training
  • FREE Player Piano / APP Training
  • FREE Concerts and Events
  • Riverton Low Price Guarantee
  • Riverton "Rent to Learn"
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