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Model M DuoArt Used Steinway Player Piano

Steinway Model M DuoArt

Used Player Piano

Designed for small homes, apartments, or small teaching studios, the Model M was first introduced in 1911 - the same year Pennsylvanian, Ray Harroun (and his historic “Rear-view” mirror), went on to win the first “Indianapolis 500.” Popular in homes with smaller living rooms, this "Medium" grand (baby grand piano) is an excellent choice for piano enthusiasts with a discerning ear.

This 1929 Model M Steinway baby grand piano is a perfect example of Steinway's Golden Age. During the 1920s and 1930s, American homes were hungry for entertainment and, when player pianos came along, they gave Americans their first real taste of automatic music. Even folks who didn't know how to play could enjoy a piano! Pianos were as common in homes as televisions are today. ...and Steinway & Sons flourished during this time. This is how they were able to craft (by hand) such intricate and breathtaking designs as this Model M. Warmly finished in a satin mahogany and ornamented with hand-carved wooden accents in key places along the rim, legs, music rest and pedals, this piano is truly a work of art. Our technicians have restored the piano using All-Steinway parts and the player system as well. Be prepared to WOW your friends as this piano comes with BOXES of vintage rolls!

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Key Features

  • 2-Year Riverton Piano Warranty
  • 10-Year FULL Trade Up
  • Delivery Available
  • Discounted Tuning
  • Financing Available
  • 5'7" Baby Grand Piano
  • Handcrafted
  • Mahogany Satin Finish
  • Made in America
  • Roll Player Piano