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Collaborative learning is a cutting-edge approach to piano pedagogy that takes advantage of positive peer pressure, strategic scoring and instant feedback to help piano lessons students learn up to 60% faster than students who study in a more traditional way. With the right technology and curriculum, music teachers can maximize their students' lessons time with whole-group, small-group and individual activities that can be controlled from a simple, intuitive "remote." Teachers can also connect smart phones, tablets, computers, etc. to provide "live" play-a-long experiences or to record individual lectures and/or student performances. Even better, the entire lab system is designed to be modular and customizable - scalable to any classroom size or budget. Whatever your pedagogical goals, a custom piano lab from Riverton Piano Company can help you achieve incredible classroom outcomes in record time. Learn more below or contact us for personal and professional piano lab support. Nobody has more piano lab experience or better piano lab equipment than Riverton Piano Company. We look forward to working with you!


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Why Riverton?

For over 50 years, Riverton Piano Company has been at the forefront of music education and technology. NOBODY knows more about piano labs than we do. Here are just a few of the exclusive options we offer:

  • FREE On-Site Consultation
  • FREE Program Needs Analysis
  • FREE Technology Comparison
  • FREE Fundraising Support
  • AZ Purchase Cooperative Membership.
  • The Riverton Low Price Guarantee.
  • FREE Setup, Wiring* and Installation
  • FREE Product Training

Piano labs are complicated purchases. Make sure your school partners with a professional, experienced team with both your short-term and long-term program needs at the center of their purchase recommendations. Anyone can sell you a cheap piano lab system... but you can't afford to waste money on something that won't properly support and advance your program goals. We can help you get the right equipment at the right price. Guaranteed.

* - Unlike most piano dealers, we include basic cord management, electrical plug-in and ALL connections associated with the lab conferencing system.

Why Roland?

Roland is our top-selling piano labs brand. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a Roland piano lab:

  • Lifelike Grand Piano Performance.
  • Exclusive, 21st Century Technologies.
  • Obsolescence-Proof Updatability.
  • Proven Classroom Durability & Longevity.
  • Space-Saving Twin Piano Mode*
  • Parts and Labor Warranties up to 10-Years.
  • Integrates with Projectors and iPad Initatives.
  • FREE Technical Support by Phone or On-Site.
  • FREE Headset Replacement**

Roland views your piano lab purchase as the beginning of your partnership - not the end of it. They work closely with your team to provide more than just the World's most expressive digital pianos. They provide training and support after the sale as well, including training AFTER the warranty expires! You're never "on your own" with Roland.

* - Roland's exclusive Twin Piano Mode saves money and space by splitting the keyboard into two smaller pianos. Better yet - the lab conferencing system can also work with this Twin Piano feature - doubling the number of students your classroom can accomodate at a time!

** - There is a small fee for shipping, handling.

Piano Lab Configurations

Too often, teachers and/or administrators treat group piano class as if its several individual piano lessons given at the same time. This negates some of the most important benefits of group teaching. Think of your group class like a piano band and organize your equipment in the way that best achieves your program goals. Here are a few recommended lab configurations you may consider:

Goal: Basic Piano Skills

Goal: Theory, Composition


Our Most Common Piano Lab Packages:

Basic Piano Lab at Riverton Piano Company

Basic Piano Lab

8 Student Stations + 1 Teacher Station

Ideal for private piano studios, smaller universities or church music education programs, this expandable piano lab includes everything you need to get started.

  • Nine Instruments
  • Lab Conferencing System
Expanded Piano Lab at Riverton Piano Company

Expanded Piano Lab

16 Student Stations + 1 Teacher Station

Designed for larger universities and public school music classes, this expandable piano lab package includes everything you need to get started.

  • 17 Instruments
  • Lab Conferencing System

Piano Lab Equipment

Any Roland piano can be part of a Roland piano lab. The product list below includes our best-selling lab equipment. For a complete list of Roland Digital Pianos, touch the button below.

Roland GLC-1C Piano Lab System

Roland GLC-1C

Piano Lab Conferencing System

This all-in-one communication solution is perfect for group piano teaching, ensemble instruction, and even sophisticated language lab teaching.

  • Turnkey System
  • Expandable to 48 Students
Roland HP704 Home Digital Piano

Roland HP704

Home Digital Piano

Stylistically designed and packed with practice tools, the Roland LX-704 delivers a performance that will shock and delight even the most sophisticated home player.

  • Suggested by Teachers
  • 4-Speaker Surround
Roland HP702 Home Digital Piano

Roland HP702

Home Digital Piano

Powered by cutting-edge piano modeling and hybrid technologies - yet priced like a basic used piano - the Roland HP702 is an excellent piano lessons piano.

  • Used Piano Replacement
  • 2-Speaker Stereo

Fundraising Sources

External Funding

Click here (PDF) to download a comprehensive list of music technology funding sources. These organizations specialize in helping schools acquire the equipment they need for group and remote teaching.

Internal Funding

In today's economic climate, it's more important than ever that educators take charge of their program's financial future... and we are here to help! Here is a partial list of our proven, turnkey programs to help you raise the money you need!

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