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Bosendorfer Artisan

7' Ultimate Design Collection Grand Piano

Fine lines of playful floral figures, precious veneers and dreamy shades of walnut, maple, pear, cherry, mahogany, and burr amboyna complement the elegant silhouette of this Bosendorfer grand piano. As long as the second millennium BC in the Orient, marquetry depicting delicately slender designs has been used to decorate special objects dear to the spectator and the artist. ...and Artisan by Bosendorfer is a perfect example of this timeless tradition. First and foremost, Artisan is a Bosendorfer Grand Piano. Made to the same exacting musical standards as a 214 Vienna Concert Grand Piano, Artisan projects a sensibility of Olde World craftsmanship and classic European flair. Each veneer is positioned exactly - aligning the wood grains across the piano's crossblock and fallboard. This incredible attention to detail - matched with the truly remarkable marquetry give this piano a sophisticated and uniquely European sensibility. A piano like this truly only comes along once in a lifetime.

Clear lines, playful forms and precious woods: the Bosendorfer Ultimate Design Collection celebrates the art of design and brilliant sound with a style that simply takes your breath away.

Riverton Piano Company is Arizona's only factory-authorized Bosendorfer dealership. Come and see us today. We look forward to hosting your Bosendorfer Piano experience.

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Key Features

  • Austrian Spruce Tonewood
  • Spruce Resonance Case
  • Naturally-Dried Woods
  • Hand-Wound Bass Strings
  • Individual Stringing
  • Independent Capo d' Astro
  • Open Pin Block
  • Custom Renner Action
  • Custom Kluge Keyboards
  • Ultimate Design by Artisan
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Available Finishes

Ebony Polish

Learning Center

Download Artisan Piano Specifications Bosendorfer Piano Warranty

About the 214 VC Bosendorfer Piano

Featuring Bosendorfer's all-new Vienna Concert technology, the 214 VC Bosendorfer Grand Piano is perfectly optimized to project a world of color into any musical setting. Vienna Concert is a masterful melding of nearly two centuries of piano building experience and modern scientific tools that further accentuate the multifaceted and expressive nature of a Bosendorfer Artisan Grand Piano. Reimagined from scratch - yet true to the iconic Bosendorfer sound philosophy - these new pianos represent The Next Generation of Bosendorfer Artisan Grand Pianos with breathtaking dynamics, astounding colors and exhilarating brilliance.

Not everything is new, however. Bosendorfer artisans still build 85% of the piano out of Bavarian Spruce tonewood. The piano's rim and frame are still made with solid spruce. Much like a fine violin, this gives the entire piano a role in tone production - unlike other instruments whose manufactures think of the piano's frame and rim as purely structural or decorative in nature. This "Spruce Resonance Case" is made of only the finest Bavarian spruce and is naturally dried for five years before use. The piano is then fitted with a custom cast iron plate, individually-attached strings, hand-wound (bass) strings, an open pin block (for unparalleled durability and tuning stability), a custom Kluge keyboard and a custom Renner action - the finest made in the World today.