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Bosendorfer Pianos at Riverton Piano Company

Bosendorfer Edge

Ultimate Design Collection Grand Pianos

Reduced.  Fresh.  Contemporary.  Winner of the 2006 International Bosendorfer Piano Design Competition, the Edge Ultimate Design Bosendorfer Grand Piano elaborates on a concise, formal theme with smooth, seamless lines and crisp chrome accents.  The music desk is covered by a touch of fabric – providing a subtle departure from the otherwise hi-polished ebony finish.  The rectilinear legs, too, depart from the traditional curves of a grand and serve as a reminder of the piano’s origin as a table instrument.  Finally, the bold – yet understated – pedal lyre dives to the floor in a fluid curve tempered by the rectangular pedals themselves.  Everything speaks of a simple balance – industrial in style and straightforward in design.  Just on the Edge.

Introduced in 2006, the Bosendorfer Edge Grand Piano is available in a variety of finishes and colors from the 6'1" model to the 7' model.

Riverton Piano Company is Arizona's only factory-authorized Bosendorfer dealership. Come and see us today. We look forward to hosting your Bosendorfer Piano experience.

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Key Features

  • Austrian Spruce Tonewood
  • Spruce Resonance Case
  • Naturally-Dried Woods
  • Hand-Wound Bass Strings
  • Individual Stringing
  • Independent Capo d' Astro
  • Open Pin Block
  • Custom Renner Action
  • Custom Kluge Keyboards
  • Ultimate Design Collection
  • Bosendorfer piano Edge grand piano
  • Bosendorfer piano Edge grand piano
  • Bosendorfer piano Edge grand piano
  • Bosendorfer piano Edge grand piano
  • Bosendorfer piano Edge grand piano
  • Bosendorfer piano Edge grand piano
  • Bosendorfer piano Edge grand piano
  • Bosendorfer piano Edge grand piano

Available Finishes

Ebony Polish

Learning Center

Download Edge Piano Specifications Bosendorfer Piano Warranty

About the 214 VC Bosendorfer Piano

Featuring Bosendorfer's all-new Vienna Concert technology, the 214 VC Bosendorfer Grand Piano is perfectly optimized to project a world of color into any musical setting. Vienna Concert is a masterful melding of nearly two centuries of piano building experience and modern scientific tools that further accentuate the multifaceted and expressive nature of a Bosendorfer Artisan Grand Piano. Reimagined from scratch - yet true to the iconic Bosendorfer sound philosophy - these new pianos represent The Next Generation of Bosendorfer Artisan Grand Pianos with breathtaking dynamics, astounding colors and exhilarating brilliance.

About the 200 Bosendorfer Piano

An unbridled masterpiece of musical nuance, the 200 Bosendorfer Grand Piano is one of the most popular Bosendorfer grand pianos of all time. Introduced over half a century ago, this enduring design effortlessly projects the player's mood with crisp, delicate tones and a rich, roaring bass.

About the 185 VC Bosendorfer Piano

Expressive and brilliant, the 185 VC Bosendorfer Grand Piano is the smallest in the Bosendorfer family to feature the new Vienna Concert technology.