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Worship Digital Pianos at Riverton Piano Company
Digital Piano for Churches

Digital Pianos for Churches - Peoria, AZ

Church Pianists Suggest:

Roland GP609 Digital Baby Grand Piano

Roland GP609

Digital Baby Grand Piano

An elegant instrument that combines the best technology with traditional piano building, the Roland GP609 is a piano player's dream.

  • The Artists' Choice
  • Flagship Model
Roland LX706 Digital Piano

Roland LX706

Luxury Digital Piano

Designed for discerning players who want the right balance between features and price, the LX706 Roland digital piano demands attention.

  • PureAcousticâ„¢ Piano
  • 6-Speaker Surround
Roland FP-90X Digital Piano

Roland FP-90X

Stage Digital Piano

The ultimate performance or worship piano, the Roland FP-90X digital piano makes getting professional results easy and intuitive.

  • Professional Features
  • Bluetooth MIDI & Audio

Digital Grand Pianos for Churches - Peoria, AZ

CLP-795GP Yamaha Clavinova at Riverton Piano Company

Yamaha CLP-795GP

Yamaha Clavinova

The undisputed king of the Yamaha Clavinova CLP Series, the CLP-795GP digital baby grand piano is a gorgeous piece of furniture as well as a fine digital piano.

  • Baby Grand Cabinet
  • Touch Sensors
Roland GP-6 Digital Mini Grand Piano

Roland GP-6

Digital Mini Grand Piano

The Roland GP-6 is the ideal fusion of acoustic piano performance and the latest digital technologies in a compact, stylish furniture cabinet.

  • Piano Reality™ Premium
  • Elevates any size room

Church Digital Pianos - Peoria, AZ

CVP-701 Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano

Yamaha CVP-701

Clavinova Digital Piano

With Yamaha's most powerful digital technologies and a price point under most acoustic uprights, the CVP-701 Yamaha Clavinova is a popular "do it all" piano.

  • Color LCD Screen
  • Hundreds of Sounds
Roland FP-60X Digital Piano

Roland FP-60X

Stage Digital Piano

The Roland FP-60X digital piano delivers a host of high-end performance features at a fraction of the industry-standard price.

  • Professional Features
  • Lightweight & Affordable