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Roland Digital Pianos at Riverton Piano Company

Roland Digital Pianos

Roland Digital Piano Milestones

  • 1975 - First home digital piano
  • 1980 - First endorsement
  • 1981 - Helped develop MIDI
  • 1986 - First stage digital piano
  • 1989 - Auto accompaniments
  • 2015 - First Bluetooth pianos

Types of Roland Digital Pianos

Roland Digital Grand Pianos

Roland GP-609 Digital Baby Grand Piano

Roland GP-609

Digital Baby Grand Piano

An elegant instrument that combines the best technology with traditional piano building, the Roland GP-609 is a piano player's dream.

  • The Artists' Choice
  • Flagship Model
Roland GP-607 Digital Mini Grand Piano

Roland GP-607

Digital Mini Grand Piano

Bringing class and sophistication into smaller living spaces, the Roland GP-607 Mini Grand will enhance your life as well as your home.

  • Perfect for any size room
  • Best in Class Features

Roland Upright Digital Pianos

Roland LX-708 Digital Piano

Roland LX-708

Luxury Digital Piano

Delivering a range of expression that surpasses all other digital pianos - and many acoustic instruments - the Roland LX-708 is a masterpiece of authentic musicality.

  • PureAcousticâ„¢ Piano
  • 8-Speaker Surround
Roland LX-706 Digital Piano

Roland LX-706

Luxury Digital Piano

Designed for discerning players who want the right balance between features and price, the LX-706 Roland digital piano demands attention.

  • PureAcousticâ„¢ Piano
  • 6-Speaker Surround
Roland LX-705 Digital Piano

Roland LX-705

Luxury Digital Piano

The entry point to Roland's Luxury Digital Piano series, the LX-705 Roland digital piano packs premium features into an attractive and affordable cabinet.

  • PureAcousticâ„¢ Piano
  • 4-Speaker Surround
Roland HP-704 Home Digital Piano

Roland HP-704

Home Digital Piano

Stylistically designed and packed with practice tools, the Roland LX-704 delivers a performance that will shock and delight even the most sophisticated home player.

  • Suggested by Teachers
  • 4-Speaker Surround
Roland HP-702 Home Digital Piano

Roland HP-702

Home Digital Piano

Powered by cutting-edge piano modeling and hybrid technologies - yet priced like a basic used piano - the Roland HP-702 is an excellent piano lessons piano.

  • Used Piano Replacement
  • 2-Speaker Stereo

Roland Stage Digital Pianos

Roland FP-90 Digital Piano

Roland FP-90

Stage Digital Piano

The ultimate praise band piano or jazz band keyboard, the Roland FP-90 digital piano combines professional performance features with unmatched durability.

  • The Ideal Worship Piano
  • Portable - Yet Powerful
Roland FP-60 Digital Piano

Roland FP-60

Stage Digital Piano

Ideal as a budget-conscious worship piano or a portable practice piano, the Roland FP-60 delivers a host of features at a fraction of the industry-standard price.

  • Professional Features
  • Lightweight & Affordable

Discount Roland Digital Pianos

Roland RP-501R Digital Piano

Roland RP-501R

Discount Digital Piano

Always in tune and ready to play, the Roland RP-501R Digital Piano enhances your practice time with FREE Bluetooth apps, headphones and onboard recorder.

  • Digital Piano Cabinet
  • "Best in Class" Price
Roland F-140R Digital Piano

Roland F-140R

Discount Digital Piano

With a compact, contemporary design, the Roland F-140R Digital Piano is perfect for modern apartments.

  • Compact Folding Cabinet
  • USB MIDI & Audio Recording
Roland RP-102 Digital Piano

Roland RP-102

Discount Digital Piano

At a glance, the Roland RP-102 digital piano is the perfect entry-level digital piano for the budget-conscious family..

  • Basic Digital Cabinet
  • Controlled by Mobile Devices
Roland FP-30 Digital Piano

Roland FP-30

Discount Digital Piano

Combining authentic piano performance and onboard practice features in a compact and affordable design, the Roland FP-30 Digital Piano is designed to suit any lifestyle, budget or space.

  • Gravity Hammer Action
  • Bluetooth MIDI, Page