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Yamaha Pianos at Riverton Piano Company

Yamaha b3 SC3

48" SILENT Piano™

Yamaha SILENT Pianos™ are made for those who love the sound and feel of a traditional "wood and strings" piano, but need the flexibility to play whenever inspiration strikes. Engage SILENT Mode and the piano will prevent hammers from hitting the strings. Instead, high-definition electromagnetic key sensors will transmit your performance into a truly breathtaking digital grand piano sound. You can play in complete privacy anytime you want!

Yamaha SILENT Pianos™ also come with other instrument sounds, a built-in metronome and USB MIDI and AUDIO recorder - all the basic practice tools that make learning the piano fast and easy! Better yet - connect via Bluetooth control your Yamaha SILENT Piano™ with Yamaha's incredible Smart Pianist app or stream play-a-long music through the SILENT System™. You won't believe how much more you'll use your Yamaha piano!

Combine cutting-edge electronics, one of Yamaha's most popular upright pianos and a 10-year FULL TRADE guarantee and you have the b3-SC3 Yamaha SILENT Piano™. Finally, a piano that plays like a U1 with the best features of a Clavinova. You'll only believe it when you play it for yourself!

Come in today and see how much more you'll get out of your piano when you can play it anytime you want! Riverton Piano Company is the area's only authorized Yamaha SILENT Piano dealership.

Consider This:

B3 Yamaha Upright Piano

Yamaha B3

Upright Piano

Designed in Japan, the B3 Yamaha upright piano is built to the same exacting standards that made Yamaha a household name around the World.

  • 48" Tall
  • Full Trade Up

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Key Features

  • b3 Yamaha Piano
  • Electromagnetic Sensors
  • Silencing Pedal
  • 2 Headphones Ports
  • Stereo mini IN jack
  • 12 Voices
  • MIDI & Audio Record
  • 20 Rhythm Patterns
  • Smart Pianist App
  • 10-Year FULL Trade
  • Yamaha Silent Piano b3-sc2
  • Yamaha Silent Piano b3-sc2
  • Yamaha Silent Piano b3-sc2
  • Yamaha Silent Piano b3-sc2
  • Yamaha Silent Piano b3-sc2
  • Yamaha Silent Piano b3-sc2

Available Finishes

Polished Ebony Polished Mahogany Polished Walnut Polished White

Available in Polished Ebony with Chrome hardware.

Learning Center

Download b3-sc2 Specifications Yamaha Piano Warranty Yamaha b-Series Trade Up Plan

The Next Model...

U1 SH3 Yamaha SILENT Piano


  • U Series Quality
  • Deeper, Richer Tone
  • Increased Projection
b2 SC3 Silent Yamaha Upright Piano


  • 3.5" Shorter
  • Smaller, Thinner Tone
  • Reduced Projection