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Schumann Pianos at Riverton Piano Company
Schumann Pianos

Schumann Pianos - Peoria, AZ

Schumann Piano Milestones

  • 1956 - Schumann Founded
  • 2017 - Bridge Patent
  • 2017 - Soundboard Patent
  • 2018 - GP-168 Introduced

Types of Schumann Pianos

Schumann Grand Pianos - Peoria, AZ

GP-186 Schumann Grand Piano

Schumann GP-186

Home Series Grand Piano

A beautiful - and practical - addition to any living room, the GP-186 Schumann Grand Piano delivers a robust tonal palette.

  • 6'1" in Length
  • Flagship Model
GP-168 Schumann Baby Grand Piano

Schumann GP-168

Home Series Baby Grand Piano

At 5'5" in length, the Schumann GP-168 offers greater projection and warmth - transforming your home into a musical haven.

  • 5'5" in Length
  • Full-Size Baby Grand
GP-152 Schumann Baby Grand Piano

Schumann GP-152

Home Series Baby Grand Piano

If you're looking for a well-made, full-featured baby grand piano for an affordable price, you will be delighted when you play the GP-152 Schumann Baby Grand Piano.

  • 5' in Length
  • Best Seller

Schumann Upright Pianos - Peoria, AZ

K-1 Schumann Studio Upright Piano

Schumann K1

Home Series Upright Piano

Easily one of the best selling upright pianos in our company's history, the K1 Schumann Studio Upright Piano is a magnificent and value-rich piano to play.

  • 48" Tall
  • Best Seller
C1 Schumann Console Upright Piano

Schumann C1

Home Series Upright Piano

Supervised by a classical pianist and directly imported by Riverton Piano Company, the C1 Schumann Upright Piano is one of the most value-rich pianos available.

  • 44" Tall
  • Best Seller