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Yamaha Pianos at Riverton Piano Company
b1 Yamaha Professional Studio Piano

Yamaha b1

43" Console Upright Piano

Easily some of the hottest selling Yamaha pianos available today, the b Series Yamaha pianos are Yamaha's most affordable entry-level uprights. Designed in Japan, these exceptional Yamaha pianos are built to the same exacting standards of materials and workmanship that made Yamaha a household name around the World.

Ideal as starter pianos for beginner players, the b Series Yamaha pianos are infused with value thanks to their exemplary construction and to Yamaha's nationwide "b Series Legacy Promise" program. This full-trade up plan guarantees you a credit at any US factory-authorized Yamaha Piano Dealership equal to the purchase price of your b Series Yamaha piano when you upgrade to a qualifying new Yamaha piano. This guarantee is good for TEN years - plenty of time for your student to outgrow his or her first piano.

Riverton Piano Company is Phoenix's only local, family-owned, full-service Yamaha piano dealership. From your first piano to your dream piano, we are committed to helping you achieve your musical ambitions. Explore Yamaha pianos today - exclusively at Riverton Piano Company.

Select the b1 Yamaha Piano at Riverton Piano Company and enjoy our famous Low-Price Guarantee - or ask us about our Rent to Learn Plan - and start enjoying your b1 Yamaha piano today!

Consider This:

b1 Yamaha SILENT Piano

b1 SC3

43" Yamaha SILENT Pianoâ„¢

Play your Yamaha piano privately any time with headphones. Learn faster with apps or record your own songs. Get so much more use out of your Yamaha b1!

  • MIDI & Audio Record
  • 10 Additional Sounds

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Key Features

  • Four Backposts
  • Spruce Soundboard
  • V-Pro Plate
  • Custom Hammers
  • All-Wood Action
  • Acrylic Key Tops
  • Practice Pedal
  • Low Price Guarantee
  • 10-Year P&L Warranty
  • 10-Year FULL Trade
  • Yamaha piano Model b1
  • Yamaha piano Model b1
  • Yamaha piano Model b1
  • Yamaha piano Model b1
  • Yamaha piano Model b1
  • Yamaha piano Model b1
  • Yamaha piano Model b1
  • Yamaha piano Model b1

Available Finishes

Polished Ebony Polished White

Available in Polished Ebony with Chrome hardware.

Learning Center

Download b1 Specifications Yamaha Piano Warranty Yamaha b-Series Trade Up Plan

The Next Model...

The b2 Yamaha Upright Piano


  • 1.5" Taller
  • Studio Cabinet, Casters
  • Solid Spruce Board
Yamaha Pianos


This is the entry-level model.