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Yamaha Pianos at Riverton Piano Company
The Rindlisbacher Family

The Riverton Story

Riveton Music Chicken Coop

1968 - The Chicken Coop

Hal Rindlisbacher never meant to get into the music business. He was content directing the high school band and teaching local students to play their instruments. Over time, however, he began to see a need. Many of his students had old instruments that were in various states of disrepair - making playing (and learning) quite a bit harder. To help his students and friends better enjoy their instruments, Hal cleared out an old chicken coop near his house and opened a part-time instrument repair shop. Before long, Hal’s repair customers began to ask him for advice on purchasing instruments and supplies and Hal saw yet another need.

Riverton Music Store in Utah

1978 - Riverton, Utah

In response to rising demand, Hal decided to build his first music store in a small township called Riverton - near Salt Lake City, Utah. The 2400 square foot building held Riverton’s growing retail business as well as Hal’s repair shop. These were busy times. Hal directed the high school band during the day and then hurried to open his Riverton music store from 4-7pm weekdays and on Saturdays.

1980 - Riverton Music

No longer able to maintain his demanding daily schedule, Hal decided to quit his band director job at the local high school and direct his attention (full-time) to his growing business: Riverton Music.

Riveton Music Store in Utah

1983 - Second Generation

Hal’s oldest son, Kevin Rindlisbacher, joined Riverton Music in 1983 as the chief financial officer and the company began to expand. In 1984, the Rindlisbachers opened their second location in West Valley, Utah. In 1989, they went on to open stores in Salt Lake City in and in Sunset, Utah. Then, in 1992, Hal Rindlisbacher’s declining health forced him to retire. His son, Kevin, purchased the company from him and continued its expansion – replacing the smaller stores in West Valley and Riverton with larger stores in West Jordon and Sandy, Utah. Riverton Music continued to grow and thrive.

Steinway Piano Showroom of Arizona

2018 - Phoenix, Arizona

In 2018, the Rindlisbachers absorbed Scottsdale's "Piano Showroom of Arizona" (formerly "Steinway Piano Showroom of Arizona") into the Riverton Family. Since the store sold only pianos (unlike their Utah stores), the Rindlisbachers decided to call it Riverton Piano Company. At roughly the same time, Yamaha named Riverton Piano Company their official factory-authorized representative for Phoenix and the surrounding areas. To better serve the Phoenix metro area for Yamaha, Kevin quickly made plans to open a second Riverton store in the West Valley. In early 2019, a second Riverton Piano Company store opened in Peoria, Arizona.

Riverton Piano Company

Today, Riverton operates two stores in the Phoenix metro area. Riverton Piano Company Scottsdale serves the East Valley from its 2200 square foot salon on Scottsdale RD (across from the Fashion Square Mall). Riverton Piano Company Peoria serves the West Valley from its new 6000 square foot store at West Olive Avenue and the 101. This makes Riverton Piano Company the oldest piano firm in Phoenix and the only piano company servicing the entire valley.

Riveton Piano Company in Scottsdale and Peoria

Still family owned and operated, Riverton Piano Company is a locally-owned business. Kevin and his family live in Scottsdale – where they are often seen organizing special events, attending concerts or delivering pianos to clients all over the Phoenix area. Kevin is an avid tennis player, a dedicated bike rider and a skilled classical pianist.

Riverton Piano Company actively supports Phoenix's major music venues, including The Phoenix Theater, The Phoenix Symphony, Arizona Opera, Arizona Broadway Theater and many, many more.