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Masquerade Halloween Recital at Riverton Piano Company
Masquerade Halloween Concert Riverton Piano Company


October 18-19 | Peoria, AZ

The clouds are gathering. The moon is bright. The trees are filled with creatures of the night. The candles are flickering. A haunted melody wisps through the air. A sudden rumble signals storms are near. The evening beckons. Preparations have been made. The time has come for Masquerade.

Save yourselves! ...from the horror of yet another night filled with meaningless television, souless expressions of boredom and the zombie-like devotion to YouTube. Instead, gather your courage and spirit your famly away to Riverton Piano Company Peoria for a fateful evening of candy, costumes and cadaverous chords - the likes of which Phoneix has never seen.

Boos and Ghouls from all over the metro area will unleash their terrifying talents upon the innocent during Masquerade - Riverton Piano Company's Halloween-themed piano experience. Do you have what it takes to survive Masquerade? If you do, don't wait. Speak to your piano teacher now before this otherworldly spooktacular fills up and your opportunity... passes away.

Masquerade is a "spooky, but not scary" event for family members of all ages. Everyone is encouraged to wear a costume and participate in the fun! A completed Media Release form is required for each participating student. See your piano teacher for details. Masquerade is a signature production of Riverton Piano Company's Piano Education Partnership (PEP).

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