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Masquerade Halloween Recital at Riverton Piano Company


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Tune in to the Riverton YouTube Channel for our "It's ALIVE!" Premier Watch Party - Thursday, October 29 at 6:30pm (Arizona Time). See you there - IF YOU DARE!

It's been nearly a year since the incident at Riverton House - nearly a year since those kids barely escaped with their lives. They thought boarding up Riverton House would make them feel safe, but the grounds around Riverton House have begun to hum with an all too familiar melody... and rumor has it that another "spirited evening" lies ahead. Yes. Masquerade is coming again. ...and - this time - there is nothing anyone can do to escape it.

Save your family! ...from the horror of yet another night in quarantine - filled with meaningless television, soulless expressions of boredom and a frightening fixation with Netflix. Gather your guys and ghouls, and make your way to the Riverton graveyard where a ghastly gathering of grim-faced groupies will guide you to your gruesome fate.

This time it won't be so easy. You can't lose yourself in a sea of family and friends. You can't hide behind a more enthusiastic family. This time, you'll have to hurl your haunting harmonies at the single most terrifying tormentor your beating heart could imagine: A video camera. That's right. This year, Masquerade is transforming into "Mask-querade" - a sinister yet socially responsible Halloween event. One-by-one, piano students from all over the metro area will "face the music" at Riverton Piano Company Peoria - leaving behind only the video record of their spine-tingling struggle. Then, once their footage has been found, it will be stitched together with ghoulish delight into the world's most unnatural YouTube "IT'S A-LIVE-STREAM" event. Do you think you have what it takes to face the creepy camera alone? If so, speak to your piano teacher now before the event fills up and you find yourself facing a GRAVE reality!

Masquerade 2020 will be a "spooky, but not scary" event for family members of all ages. Strict disinfection guidelines and social distancing measures will be in place to protect students, teachers and the Riverton Piano Company staff. Everyone is encouraged to wear a costume and participate in the fun! A completed Media Release form is required for each participating student. See your piano teacher for details. Masquerade is a signature production of Riverton Piano Company's Piano Education Partnership (PEP).

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