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k-52 Steinway Used Piano

Steinway K-52

Used Player Piano

The K52 was first introduced in 1903 - the same year Morris and Rose Mitchom named their new stuffed child’s toy after an American president... calling it a “Teddy Bear.” Today’s K52 is equipped with over 125 patented Steinway design features, including: The Hexa-grip Pin Block, The Diaphragmatic Soundboard, and Steinway’s Legendary Accelerated Action.

One of the few pianos that can closely replicate the experience of playing a grand piano in an upright cabinet, this gorgeous 2013 Steinway K52 is completely handcrafted in New York by master Steinway craftsmen. Powerfull and deeply resonant, this extraordinary instrument is ideal for the most serious players or Steinway lovers who can appreciate the nuances of a very fine upright piano. Finished in a traditional ebony satin color, this K-52 will look "at home" in any decor. ...and at this price, you'll be thrilled to own it! Come in today and see this stunning example of American piano craftmanship.

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Key Features

  • 2-Year Riverton Piano Warranty
  • 10-Year FULL Trade Up
  • Delivery Available
  • Discounted Tuning
  • Financing Available
  • Massive Soundboard
  • Handcrafted in US
  • Ebony Satin Finish
  • Rugged Wood Framing
  • QRS Player System