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Roland Owner's Club

Membership Has its Benefits!

Bringing a Roland digital piano into your home will enrich your family's lives in ways you can't yet imagine. That's why we're so committed to helping you and your family get the most out of your musical investment. Other stores may promise you the moon, but we are the ONLY piano store in the United States that can offer you unlimited training and support 24/7. Introducing the Roland Owner's Club:

Unlimited Training and Support.

Gone are the days of struggling your way through a complicated manual. When you activate your lifetime membership to the Roland Owner's Club, you will have instant access to over three and a half HOURS of interactive video training via our acclaimed "How Do You Work This Thing" video series. Need personal help? No problem! Club Members receive unlimited telephone, email and in-person support for as long as you own your piano! Don't sift through dozens of "piano" sounds to find the one you like. With the Roland Owner's Club, you can choose from our most popular custom piano setups - or - we can help you make your own! You'll be stunned at how satisfying it is to play a piano that's fine-tuned to your ideal tone and touch! You'll also get instant access to 50 more songs that you can download, print, play, and enjoy! You can even try our custom piano registrations - featuring the most popular sounds from the 300+ options your piano has built-in! There's SO much more to enjoy with The Roland Owner's Club!

Guaranteed Investment Protection.

As a Roland Owner's Club member - you can take advantage of our exclusive three-year FULL trade-up guarantee*! In addition, whenever Roland releases an update for your piano, the Owner's Club will help you install that update for FREE! Nobody can offer you better service or support for your new Roland!

Your Membership Never Expires!

Membership in the Roland Owner's Club gives you a lifetime of music, magic and more! ...and - as time goes on - you'll be able to enjoy new videos, benefits and updates because your membership lasts as long as you own your Roland piano! Make sure you get the most out of your "sound investment." Join the Roland Owner's Club and start enjoying your endless benefits today!

Available with purchase of select Roland Digital Pianos from Riverton Piano Company. Pricing may vary. See store for details.

* - Purchase any Roland Digital Piano from a Riverton Piano Company Store and activate your Roland Owner's Club Membership to receive this benefit. You will receive a credit equal to the full purchase price (excluding tax and delivery) of your Roland Digital Piano towards the purchase of any qualified upgrade from Riverton Piano Company. Plan is non-transferrable.

A $750 Value! Including:

  • 50 Additional Songs
  • 8 Custom Piano Setups
  • 4 Custom Registration Sets
  • Video Training Series
  • Unlimited Training & Support
  • 3-Yr FULL Trade Guarantee
  • Downloadable E-Swag
  • + More!

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Eligible Roland Digital Pianos

Roland Digital Grand Pianos

Roland GP-609 Digital Baby Grand Piano

Roland GP-609

Digital Baby Grand Piano

An elegant instrument that combines the best technology with traditional piano building, the Roland GP-609 is a piano player's dream.

  • The Artists' Choice
  • Flagship Model
Roland GP-607 Digital Mini Grand Piano

Roland GP-607

Digital Mini Grand Piano

Bringing class and sophistication into smaller living spaces, the Roland GP-607 Mini Grand will enhance your life as well as your home.

  • Perfect for any size room
  • Best in Class Features

Roland Upright Digital Pianos

Roland LX-708 Digital Piano

Roland LX-708

Luxury Digital Piano

Delivering a range of expression that surpasses all other digital pianos - and many acoustic instruments - the Roland LX-708 is a masterpiece of authentic musicality.

  • PureAcousticâ„¢ Piano
  • 8-Speaker Surround
Roland LX-706 Digital Piano

Roland LX-706

Luxury Digital Piano

Designed for discerning players who want the right balance between features and price, the LX-706 Roland digital piano demands attention.

  • PureAcousticâ„¢ Piano
  • 6-Speaker Surround
Roland LX-705 Digital Piano

Roland LX-705

Luxury Digital Piano

The entry point to Roland's Luxury Digital Piano series, the LX-705 Roland digital piano packs premium features into an attractive and affordable cabinet.

  • PureAcousticâ„¢ Piano
  • 4-Speaker Surround
Roland HP-704 Home Digital Piano

Roland HP-704

Home Digital Piano

Stylistically designed and packed with practice tools, the Roland LX-704 delivers a performance that will shock and delight even the most sophisticated home player.

  • Suggested by Teachers
  • 4-Speaker Surround
Roland HP-702 Home Digital Piano

Roland HP-702

Home Digital Piano

Powered by cutting-edge piano modeling and hybrid technologies - yet priced like a basic used piano - the Roland HP-702 is an excellent piano lessons piano.

  • Used Piano Replacement
  • 2-Speaker Stereo