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a Steinway Used Piano

Steinway Model M

Used Piano

Designed for small homes, apartments, or small teaching studios, the Model M was first introduced in 1911 - the same year Pennsylvanian, Ray Harroun (and his historic “Rear-view” mirror), went on to win the first “Indianapolis 500.” Popular in homes with smaller living rooms, this "Medium" grand (baby grand piano) is an excellent choice for piano enthusiasts with a discerning ear.

This 1987 Model M Steinway baby grand piano is beautifully finished in a rare satinwood - giving it a lighter, natural color that fits perfectly into the Southwest decor. Especially for a 5'7" baby grand piano, this used Steinway is an incredibly satisfying piano to play as well. Full and dark, with a soft clarity, this Model M delivers the warmth and depth of a much larger piano. Come in and experience the Steinway Model M baby grand used piano - before it finds a new home!

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Used Piano at Riverton Piano Company

Steinway M

Used Piano

Press the photo to purchase this Model M Steinway used piano online. All of our used pianos come with warranty, trade-up and delivery options. See details below.

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Key Features

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 10-Year FULL Trade Up
  • Delivery Available
  • Discounted Tuning
  • Financing Available
  • 5'7" Baby Grand Piano
  • Handcrafted
  • Walnut Satin Finish
  • Made in America
  • Bench Included