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225 Bosendorfer Grand Piano

Bosendorfer 225

7'4" Grand Piano

A piano so nuanced and expressive that its tone can't be contained in a mere 88 notes, the 225 Bosendorfer grand piano is the pianist's orchestra. From delicately fragile pianissimo to brilliant fortissimo, this Bosendorfer Grand Piano sways the audience – down to the Subcontra F. These additional bass notes do not only enrich the tonal volume of the instrument, but subsequently paint additional sound colours and open up an orchestral sound spectrum. This unique sonic presence in all registers is the sound basis of the 225 Bosendorfer Grand Piano's popularity as both a chamber and solo instrument. Another key element is the piano's spruce composition. Fully 85% of the piano is made out of Bavarian Spruce tonewood. Even the piano's rim and frame are made with solid spruce. Much like a fine violin, this gives the entire piano a roll in tone production - unlike other instruments whose manufactures think of the piano's frame and rim as purely structural or decorative in nature. This "Spruce Resonance Case" is made of only the finest Bavarian spruce and is naturally dried for five years before use. The piano is then fitted with a custom cast iron plate, individually-attached strings, hand-wound (bass) strings, an open pin block (for unparalleled durability and tuning stability), a custom Kluge keyboard and a custom Renner action - the finest made in the World today.

Spanning a dynamic and color range both vast and intricate in form, the 225 Bosendorfer Grand Piano brings an entire orchestra of possibilities to the pianist's fingertips. It's magnificent tone and precise control will leave no audience - nor any player - unmoved.

Riverton Piano Company is Arizona's only factory-authorized Bosendorfer dealership. Come and see us today. We look forward to hosting your Bosendorfer Piano experience.

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Key Features

  • Austrian Spruce Tonewood
  • Spruce Resonance Case
  • Naturally-Dried Woods
  • Hand-Wound Bass Strings
  • Individual Stringing
  • Independent Capo d' Astro
  • Open Pin Block
  • Custom Renner Action
  • Custom Kluge Keyboards
  • 6-Year Building Process

Available Finishes

Ebony Polish Satin Ebony

Custom Finishes Available Upon Request

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