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YUS5 TA2 TransAcoustic Yamaha Studio Upright Piano

Yamaha YUS5 TA2

52" Premium TransAcoustic™ Piano

Newly developed TransAcoustic™ technology transmits digital sound directly to the piano's soundboard - transforming the piano itself into a speaker. Play the piano at any volume with TransAcoustic™ Mode. In this mode, the system sends a digital sound to the piano's soundboard instead of having the hammers strike the strings. Now, you can enjoy the rich, warm overtones of an acoustic piano at volumes no acoustic piano can reach - without headphones! Need a louder sound? Activate TransAcoustic™ Mode and the system will amplify your playing - using the piano itself as a loudspeaker. No PA needed!

Even better, you can connect your smart device and play along with your favorite bands, activate SILENT Piano™ Mode and play through headphones or connect to your piano with the Smart Pianist app and control everything wirelessly! Yamaha's TransAcoustic™ technology gives your piano nearly unlimited potential.

The ultimate expression of Yamaha's artisan engineering team, the YUS5 TA2 TransAcoustic™ Yamaha piano delivers all the power and drama of a premium, handcrafted piano mixed with cutting-edge performance technologies that transcend traditional piano building.

Riverton Piano Company is the only Yamaha dealership in the Phoenix metro area selected to host your TransAcoustic™ experience. Come in today and see how much more your piano can do!

Consider This:

YUS5 SH2 Yamaha SILENT Piano


Yamaha SILENT Piano™

Play your Yamaha piano privately any time with headphones. Learn faster with apps or record your own songs. Get so much more use out of your Yamaha YUS5!

  • MIDI & Audio Record
  • 19 Additional Sounds
YUS5 Studio Yamaha Upright Piano

Yamaha YUS5

Premium Upright Piano

The YUS5 Yamaha Piano is the perfect culmination of the very best designs and materials available crafted by the most skilled piano artisans at Yamaha.

  • 52" Tall
  • Handcrafted

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Key Features

  • YUS5 Yamaha Piano
  • Optical Sensors
  • Soundboard Transducer
  • Silencing Lever
  • MINI Audio IN
  • 20 Voices
  • 2 Headphones Ports
  • MIDI & Audio Record
  • Built-in Metronome
  • Smart Pianist App
  • Yamaha TransAcoustic Piano yus5-sh2
  • Yamaha TransAcoustic Piano yus5-sh2
  • Yamaha TransAcoustic Piano yus5-sh2
  • Yamaha TransAcoustic Piano yus5-sh2
  • Yamaha TransAcoustic Piano yus5-sh2
  • Yamaha TransAcoustic Piano yus5-sh2

Available Finishes

Polished Ebony

Learning Center

Download yus5-ta2 Specifications Yamaha Piano Warranty

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