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214 Bosendorfer Grand Piano

Bosendorfer Chopin

Ultimate Design Collection Grand Pianos

Created to pay tribute to the Master of Piano Compositions, the Bosendorfer Chopin piano commemorates the Polish virtuoso’s soul:  affectionate and expressive.  Gold leaf ornaments and carvings throughout the piano are reminiscent of the grand pianos Chopin played during his tour of England.  The fall board is decorated with an engraved, gilded plaque bearing Chopin’s signature.  Everything about this piano is designed to honor a man whose spirit still inspires musicians of all ages and skill levels to greatness.

This piano is designed to reflect the artistic mastery of English piano manufacturers during Chopin's era who not only built musical instruments, but true pieces of art.

The Bosendorfer Chopin piano is available in a variety of Bosendorfer pianos from 5'7" and larger. Riverton Piano Company is Arizona's only factory-authorized Bosendorfer dealership. Ask us for more information on this unique piano by requesting a quote today.

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Key Features

  • Austrian Spruce Tonewood
  • Spruce Resonance Case
  • Naturally-Dried Woods
  • Hand-Wound Bass Strings
  • Individual Stringing
  • Independent Capo d' Astro
  • Open Pin Block
  • Custom Renner Action
  • Custom Kluge Keyboards
  • Ultimate Design Collection

Available Finishes

Mahogany Satin
Custom finishes available upon request.

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