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214 Bosendorfer Grand Piano

Bosendorfer Strauss

Ultimate Design Collection Grand Pianos

In 1890, Johann Strauss and Ludwig Bosendorfer met for the first time celebrating Carnival at the city mayor’s hall. They soon become friends and it is said they were often seen playing Tarock cards. Strauss, whose waltzes were already legendary in Vienna at the time, purchased a Bosendorfer piano for his home (the instrument is still on display at the Johann Strauss museum in Vienna). This piano is inspired by Strauss's own Bosendorfer grand piano. The fanciful music desk design, rounded legs and Austrian coat of arms are a reminder of the lively tunes of Strauss's noble times. The interior of the piano is - as always - a Bosendorfer Artisan Collection Grand Piano. Available in three sizes and a host of custom finishes, this stunning instrument is an ideal monument to "The King of Waltz."

Even today the Viennese Waltz is known all over the world. In fact, “The Blue Danube” – composed by Strauss in 1867 – is regarded as Austria’s unofficial national anthem.

Riverton Piano Company is Arizona's only factory-authorized Bosendorfer dealership. Come and see us today. We look forward to hosting your Bosendorfer Piano experience.

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Key Features

  • Austrian Spruce Tonewood
  • Spruce Resonance Case
  • Naturally-Dried Woods
  • Hand-Wound Bass Strings
  • Individual Stringing
  • Independent Capo d' Astro
  • Open Pin Block
  • Custom Renner Action
  • Custom Kluge Keyboards
  • Ultimate Design Collection

Available Finishes

Ebony Polish
Custom finishes available upon request.

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