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GB1K Yamaha Baby Grand Piano

Yamaha GB1K

5' Baby Grand Piano

With their gravity hammer actions and open air soundboards, there's no question that good grand pianos are more satisfying to play than uprights. Unfortunately, some have neither the space nor the budget for a good instrument. That's where the GB1K Yamaha baby grand piano comes in. Its solid spruce soundboard, custom hammers and all wood action are rare for pianos in the entry-level price range. Yet, thanks to a simplified cabinet and Yamaha's famous efficiency, the GB1K Yamaha baby grand is surprisingly affordable.

The GB1K Yamaha baby grand piano is the perfect embodiment of Yamaha's philosophy to "build the best piano possible and then make it available to as many people as possible." These instruments epitomize the quality, performance and value for which Yamaha has long been renowned.

Select the GB1K Yamaha baby grand piano at Riverton Piano Company and enjoy our famous Low-Price Guarantee - or ask us about our Rent to Learn Plan - and start enjoying your Yamaha piano today! Riverton Piano Company is Phoenix's only local, family-owned, full-service Yamaha piano dealership. From your first piano to your dream piano, we are committed to helping you achieve your musical ambitions.

Consider This:

DGB1K ENST Yamaha Disklavier


Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE ST

A piano of unlimited potential, the DGB1K Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE ST helps you record, play, listen, use headphones, watch concerts, learn online and much more!

  • A "Smart" Baby Grand
GB1K SC2 Yamaha SILENT Piano


Yamaha SILENT Pianoâ„¢

Play your Yamaha piano privately any time with headphones. Learn faster with apps or record your own songs. Get so much more use out of your Yamaha GB1K!

  • MIDI & Audio Record
  • 19 Additional Sounds

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Key Features

  • Seasoned for the US
  • Solid Spruce Board
  • All Wood Action
  • Resin Key Tops
  • V-Pro Plate
  • Cut Thread Tuning Pins
  • Maple Pin Block
  • Bass Sustain Pedal
  • Slow-Close Fallboard
  • 10-Year P&L Warranty

Available Finishes

Polished Ebony Polished Mahogany Polished Walnut Polished White

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The Next Model...

GC1M Yamaha Piano


  • 3" Longer
  • Upgraded Hammers
  • Augmented Cabinet
Yamaha Baby Grand Piano


This is the flagship model.